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Actor Jay Harrington is undoubtedly one of our favorite familiar faces in Hollywood! The multifaceted actor has taken us from quirky to comedic and now in command as David "Deacon" Kay in CBS’ reboot of S.W.A.T. We were able to catch up with Jay via some quick Q&A as the hit show returns for season 2 today!

Do you remember when Deacon’s character first came across your desk? Did you feel a connection with him and where you thought you could take him?

I love playing Deacon. I truly enjoy playing a character who uses his quiet demeanor to his advantage. It's a different role for me, but I love going to work every day and seeing what I can bring to the show. I hope that the audience enjoys the product.

Were you familiar with the original S.W.A.T series and movie before signing on? Were you nervous of comparisons at all being a part of a reboot?

I wasn't familiar with the original series, except for the theme song of course!

What do you think would happen if we got Deacon and say Ted (from Better off Ted) & Dr. Ron (from Desperate Housewives) together in one room? Would they get along at all? :)

If Deacon was in the same room as Ted and Dr. Ron, I think he'd last about 2 minutes with them. :) He'd probably get a kick out of Ted's neurosis, but if Lem and Phil entered the room, he wouldn't know what to make of them!

What can we expect from Deacon in this upcoming 2nd season of S.W.A.T?

This season we're going to explore the pressures Deacon is dealing with while he awaits the birth of (another) child. Budget cuts are affecting overtime at S.W.A.T, so he will be looking to get extra work doing security, and that takes him to some uncomfortable places.

S.W.A.T's season 2 premieres tonight on CBS!

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