At 26, one of our usual hashtags is #fortheCreatives …As an actor, cinematographer and visual editor understanding technicalities both in front and behind the camera, you are indeed the example of a “creative” . Which came first for you and how did one skill lead to the other?

There are so many great actor/creators like Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Donald Glover (Is there anything that guy can’t do?!). For me, just any chance to work around films is a joy. Editing was a great complement as it allowed me to feel out scenes with world class actors, and slowly have that seep into my being. I didn’t have the greatest confidence in the beginning as an actor, and editing helped build that. Like listening to iconic musicians, tuning my ear to what’s great.

Your resume boasts impressive titles: Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Allegiant to name a few… what drives you to continue in this profession?

I really love film and tv. The dozens or hundreds of cast & crew on our traveling circus. Confucius said "if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life”. I’ll add if you love the people you work with. Boom! I quoted Confucius — That just happened! As an Asian-American actor, what do you find to be the most challenging and most rewarding aspects of being a face of Asian-American representation in film and television?

It is challenging to get counted out for roles because of ethnicity, and conversations become “We’re not sure if the public is ready for that yet”. When it’s not an artistic decision, but one based on dated metrics.

The reward is meeting other artists or fans in the community, or crew members who are proud to have someone represent them on screen - however large or small.

We’re told every actor has a dream role in mind, do you have one & what would it be?

I’m developing a few projects now based on true stories. In the comic world, I would love to play Amadeus Cho or Akira if they every make it. Where did you grow up David?

Born in New Jersey, spent time all along the east coast from DC, NYC, to Boston.

Where is the one place that absolutely must visit one day?

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. The nature and cultural identity there is beautiful. Plus Lord of the Rings was the film that inspired me to get into the industry. So definitely visiting Hobbiton. Who do you presently have on repeat on your music playlist?

Always got some Bruno Mars or Sinatra on repeat. Finish this sentence for us: When I’m not acting, I enjoy:

Being out in nature: Camping at Joshua Tree, Beach Bonfires, Hiking in LA. Tell us about your character in the recently released movie Rampage?

Kaplan is part of the US Military, determined to destroy the rampaging monsters. Unfortunately, Davis Okoye’s (Dwayne Johnson) buddy George the Gorilla is one of those monsters, and The Rock isn’t having that!

Because the little details are the best, Play a quick game with us? Love games. 1. Summer or Winter? Summer. 2. Sleep in or Early bird gets the worm? Early bird. Taking a page from The Rock. 3. Read the book or See the movie? See the movie, then read the book. There’s always more in the books, so it’s a winning direction. 4. SNL or MadTV? MadTV. But SNL has been killing it lately! Black Panther Jeopardy had me on the floor 😂. 5. LA or NYC? Can I do LA days and NYC nights? 6. Skydiving or Skinny-dipping? Skinny Dipping, hopefully someplace warm.

What’s next for David An?

Two more films coming out this year - Antiquities from Quarry creator Graham Gordy, and The Green Book directed by Peter Farrelly, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. It’s an amazing true story in the racially tense 1960’s south.

And then just appreciating the blessings every day. Like this - Thanks 26!

-Thank YOU David!


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