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It's been a month since the Queen of all live performances and entertainment rightfully reclaimed her throne & well, we're all STILL shook! In the weeks past we've all undoubtedly learned one thing:

Beyoncé has taught us all that we need to #LevelUp!

Though we are a Men’s Luxe & Fashion Magazine, we cannot deny the tour de force that occurred at Coachella 2018, when a 36 year young mother of 3 took the time to show the entire world (yet again) what leveling up truly means.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is a universal force and well, her greatness deserves to be recognized.

Nowhere on this planet has another artist shown dedication, discipline and execution like this. Thought out, purposeful and almost impossible, she planned and performed for almost 2 hours straight, less than a year after delivering TWINS into the world. How?!

Many can attest her 20+ year tenure to this, but even the most seasoned artist cannot boast this sort of focus and resilience. The secret? We suspect that Beyoncé STILL wants this just as fervently as she did when she was 10 or 15 years old. She wants this, respects this, desires this and IS this, literally was BORN to do THIS. At our 26 virtual offices, our petite staff was inspired well…AF. Clearly reminded that “we all have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé”.

Additionally exciting to the incredible set list and guest list (Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z, Solange, J. Balvin) was the energy and reference to Black American [College] culture and collaboration with European POC Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain who was instrumental in designing the entire 2 weekend set’s wardrobe. But would we expect anything less from Beyoncé? Joining forces with one of the most creative fashion houses on the planet (ever moreso due greatly in part to Rousteing’s backing)? Of course not. History was made as the world and BeyHive streamed this monumental Coachella performance that almost quite literally #slayed us all!

We’ve arrived at the conclusion that if you cannot find the appreciation in the ridiculous amount of hard work that Bey and her entire team painstakingly put into this, then you might indeed just be an unhappy human and we’ll gladly leave you where you are! At 26 we aspire to inspire! Though she’s asked and answered this question in song a million time over, there's NO mistake about ‘Who Runs the World’? Duh…


-Corey S. Guevarra, Editor In Chief

R E C E N T  P O S T S
F O L L O W  U S  !
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