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Inside of our "Future-Vintage" Winter issue we had the pleasure of getting to snag a moment with Actor Scott Michael Foster. Dive into our entire interview the super talented film and television star below:
We’ve seen you on Greek, Californication, Zero Hour and even Once Upon a Time! Presently you’re starring in the comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” How is this role unlike any of the others you’ve portrayed?

While I’ve played rich assholes before, this one is definitely different in that Nathaniel sings and dances. Definitely haven’t had to do much of that before. Also, it’s a new challenge for me to deal with family issues on screen. The show does a good job of tackling real life human issues.

Take us back to 2004 when you decided to pack up and move to LA, what was that time in life like of for you?

I was very ambitious and excited to start auditioning. I thought there was nothing I wasn’t capable of. I wish I still had some of that youthful vigor.

What advice would your 2018 self give to your 2004 self?

Don’t worry. It’s never as bad as it might seem.

Who has been your favorite character to portray to date and why?

I have so many favorites! It’s hard to choose, but Cappie was sort of my first big role and I look back on that time fondly.

Are you still producing music? Should we be on the look out for any new EPs?

Not much anymore. Focused on acting right now.

Tell us about your involvement in ‘The Sue Weaver Cause’ & why it’s important to you?

I’ve been involved since I was young. My brother-in-law’s family got us into it and I’ve wanted to help as much as I can since then.

The last thing I watched on Netflix was:

Black Mirror

My favorite color is:


One place I must visit one day is:


What’s the one thing you’d want the world to know about you?

I love to drive my RV all over the country.

What’s next for Scott Michael Foster?

Hopefully season 4 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend :)

Photography: The Riker Brothers

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