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The growing actor with a plethora of Netflix productions under his belt, stops by and gets into some fashionable Q+A with us on his creativity, causes and how he’s only scratched the surface of his burgeoning career!

Pleated Jacket, Pant: Homme Plissé Issey Miyake
Shoe: Cole Haan

Guess we’ll just start with “Jeff Deserved Better”! After growing close to your character, viewers were shocked by your departure from 13 Reasons Why. Did you know that this was the fate of your character signing on, if you did; what made you go through with the role anyway?

Because Jeff was never mentioned in the book, I had no idea what to expect being a part of the show. It’s funny, I specifically remember Dylan asking me one of my first days on set if “I knew”. I thought to myself, “Knew what?” It wasn’t until I met the Brian Yorkey while filming the third episode that I was informed of my characters unfortunate outcome.

What were your first impressions upon reading the 13 Reasons Why script?

That it was emotionally charged and very important. The script had so much in it that needed to be conveyed properly and I felt immense responsibility.

Bloodline was also a pretty big show for you as well, how did it feel booking such a big reoc- curring role on Netflix of all platforms?

The casting process for Bloodline happened so quickly. I remember audi- tioning for it, finding out I booked it and driving down to the Florida Keys all within a matter of two days. I didn’t really have time to process it and honestly had no idea Netflix was about to blow up.

How has life changed for you the most since Bloodline & 13 Reasons Why?

Bloodline and 13 Reasons Why opened a lot of doors for me and kickstarted my acting career. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here at 26 one of our genres is form/physique, primarily because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and takes a presumable amount of discipline and dedication to achieve what to us is a part of what we call #luxelife. We see that physical fitness is indeed important to you. What can you tell us about your fitness journey and what you do to maintain your physique?

Fitness has become such an important part of my life. It was an outlet during a tough time in my teenage years and has never gone away. I workout 6 days a week switching between now boxing and weightlifting (in addition to healthy eating). I have to say that your body is made up of mostly what you put into it.

We’ve also read that you’ve been acting and performing since age 4, what does it mean to you to really now be walking in the life you’ve wanted and worked hard at since childhood?

To be honest, I have so far to go. I haven’t scratched the surface of where I want to be. While I am very proud and grateful of where I am today, I have a lot of work to do.

Though you began acting at 8, you started in theater at age 4, does this mean you can also sing? If so would you ever consider a career in music as well?

-Yeah, I sing. In the shower!

Top: Kenzo, Pant: OBE, Blazer: Cadogano

We’ve got to ask you one of our favorite questions; Where do you see yourself by the time you’re 26?


People now know you primarily as an actor; Do you have any other hidden talents that we’d be surprised about?

Actually yes, I enjoy photography. It’s kind of a stress-reliever for me and while I’m not the lead photographer at Canon, I wouldn’t say I’m half bad.

Tell us a bit about #ItEndsWithUs...

The hashtag is a movement that Walgreens started in hopes that our generation can lead the way to ending the Opioid epidemic. The younger generations are paving the way to change and I am honored to be a part of something so important.

Are there any other causes near and dear to your heart?

I was having a conversation with someone close to me and they mentioned “Thorn,” a foundation started by Ashton Kutcher to end sex trafficking and exploitation of kids. Reading about this when I never really knew how big it was, broke my heart. It needs more attention.

Can you tell us anything about your character Zach in the upcoming “Confessional”?

Zach is an Olympic, hopeful, swimmer who’s the popular guy in college. Deep down no one knows but he is struggling with his sexuality.

Describe ‘your’ perfect day for us...

Wake up in Costa Rica to the sound of birds chirping. Eat a traditional Costa Rican breakfast with a view of the rainforest, ocean and an Infiniti pool. Go horseback riding to beautiful waterfalls, then end your day with a custom meal, pina coladas and serenading by Caylor. Yep, this all happened!

What’s the one thing you want all of your fans to know about you?

That I am human too. Just like them I have my stresses, I have my fears and I relate in more ways than they know. We are in this together.

Describe Brandon Larracuente in 6 words for us:

I always make room for food.

Shirt: Alexander McQueen, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Kenneth Cole
As told to: Corey Guevarra, Editor In Chief
Photography: Cyoer Photo
Wardrobe + Grooming: Kwame Waters
Los Angeles, CA
R E C E N T  P O S T S
F O L L O W  U S  !
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