2019 was undoubtedly an eventful year for just about everyone, but is it possible that our cover star Nash Grier maybe had ‘the best year ever’?! He released a book, got engaged and perhaps most importantly, welcomed his firstborn son into the waiting world! At just 22 with 25M followers watching his every move, Nash is no stranger to living out loud! Doing it all with a likeable genuinity is exactly why we’ll add “nicest social media star on the planet” to his curriculum vitae. If you’ve ever met him in person, or exchanged words with him online, then you’ll know exactly where we’re coming from. In an age of filters and photoshop, authenticity is growing scarcer by the like. We’re not sure if it’s his allowable youthfulness or his southern upbringing but whatever the case, the parents and family of this newly doting dad should be proud! Not an ounce of ego in sight, just an actual “nice guy” giving back, chasing his dreams and doing his best to leave his mark along the way. Whether he’s acting, authoring or aligning in activism, the many sides to this social star leaves one thing clear; he’s more than just a pair of piercing blue eyes. He’s a builder up of the people around him, a neutral space that radiates a special kind of optimistic energy that the world needs now more than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Nash Grier as we know him now:

Can you tell us about your rise to fame Nash? What catapulted you to where you are now?

Ironically, “Fame was never something I re- ally wanted. I kind of just started looking for attention and was surprised when I actually got it. After deleting all of my social media to focus on school, a friend convinced me to download the new app, Vine. After making just a few videos, I had 50K followers— and I had no idea what I was doing. One thing was for certain, I wasn’t going to waste this ‘15 minutes of fame’...

So I worked more and more on my videos, posted more and more, and told myself I wouldn’t let this 15 minutes pass. About a year later, I had a couple million followers. While it was fun making these videos, it was also very time consuming and eventually everything else going on in my life started to matter less and less. I was growing for the sake of growth and to avoid my 15 minutes passing (which is ass backwards). That’s the mentality of a cancer cell, and it took a long period of reflection to realize how ignorant and self-centered I had become throughout the process.”!

How do you handle being such a well known face? Any unforgettable/ stand out stories?

My audience is my voice — they go hand in hand. If I’m out of line, they put me in my place, and if I’m doing the right things, they let me know. My relationship and mentality with a 5-year supporter and a 5-day supporter has always been the same, ‘Hi, how are you?’ There’s been times when I’ve been swarmed/mobbed and posed for pictures without really meeting anyone but that’s all part of it. These days people see you and immediately begin to measure your worth by whether you’re recognizable or not.

If you weren’t leading this life, what else do you think you would be doing?

-Probably going to law or medical school or playing sports. It’s funny though, because I think no matter what I do from here on out, and no matter what I’ve already done, my end goal would be the same: To help put an end to real life issues, like the water crisis; raise awareness and give a voice to all those in need; and spread love/positivity every chance that I get.

Congratulations, you’ve just become a dad! What’s one great hope you have for your child one day?

-I hope that he dreams bigger than I ever could!

Where do you see yourself by the time you’re 26 years old?

-I’ve never had a very scheduled life, and a kid is most definitely not going to help that. But if I had to guess where I’d be in 5 years, it’d be happily married, dancing through life with my family and friends.

What’s a sound piece of advice that you’d give any of the next generation who want to follow in your footsteps?

“If you don’t aim too high, then you aim too low.”

We’ve seen you in both high fashion (like on the runway for Dolce & Gabbana) and a comfy white tee. Describe your personal style for us?

-My biggest singular fashion inspiration is Andre3000. I spent a lot of time wearing school uniforms, so I think that was my biggest inspiration to start dressing and looking different. We’re all much too unique to be dressing similar. My love for fashion outside of runway shows is in comfortability—feel good, look good; look good, feel good.

Earlier this year we noticed a big change! Your signature long locs were no longer. What motivated your decision to do ‘the big chop’?

-Change is always fun, in this case it was needed LOL. I hadn’t gotten a haircut in 2 years. I jumped on the idea of raising awareness for hair loss and waited until I had hair that was long enough to donate. I was tired of auditioning for stoners, too. [LOL]

For us luxury usually goes beyond things, it can be a place, a feeling even a trait or an attribute. What’s your definition of luxury Nash?

-Luxury is being comfortable, not just physically but mentally. It’s loving who you are unconditionally. It’s one of those things you can chase your whole life and not even come close to obtaining, but for some (me) the idea of chasing it is enough.

Are there any philanthropic endeavors near/dear to your heart that you can tell us about?

-Always. I’m an ambassador for the Thirst Project and pledged to see the end of the water crisis in my lifetime. Through schools, fund- raisers, and social media, the Thirst Project is tackling hundreds of problems stemming from unsafe/contaminated water one community at a time. As of now, I’m also working with a kid my age from French Polynesia who farms and flips pearls to plant coral and regrow the dying reefs that are so vital to the health of our planet. You can support his movement by adopting a coral for him and his team to plant on coralgardeners. org or @CoralGardeners.

What’s a secret past time or hidden talent your fans would be surprised to hear about?

-Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at watching movies...and editing stuff...and I play lacrosse and snowboard, avidly. The OG’s know.

What’s next for Nash Grier?

-In September everything changed for me. I’ve always wanted to be a dad and start a family and I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be as ready as I think I should be. Obviously I’m still making videos and creating content/auditioning for things, but 101% of my focus has been shifted -he’s changed our lives forever.

Nash’s new book “Nash The Official Biography” is now available everywhere!

Photography: Corey S. Guevarra

Wardrobe: Kwame Waters

Grooming: Reginald Raphael

Set Coordinator: BrookeTaffett

Photographed at: Media Playground

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