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As told to: Corey Guevarra

With a face and a name instantly recognizable the world over, we’ve been earnestly enjoying the artistry of Mario Lopez since his teenage years! Whether dancing, acting, hosting or heating up our screens with his undeniable good looks -He’s the Hollywood talent that every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be! Fast forward to today, the accomplished husband and father of 3 has expanded his brand into numerous facets, retaining rooted relevancy and sharing his journey with an ever ready multi-generational fanbase. In many ways, this sort of shining light is the type that many only dream of. For this multi-hyphenate star, hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of continuing the life of his dreams!

Mario, we’ve been watching you on our screens since you were just 10 years old! How did you discover acting & when did you know that that was what you wanted to do?

-As a kid, growing up in a tough neighborhood, my mom put me in a number of activities to keep me busy and out of trouble. I figured out that I loved dancing and performing, never even thinking that I could end up on TV. - I sort of just fell into it, and once I did, I fell in love with it!

Backtracking to the very memorable AC Slater “Saved By the Bell” days: What was life like literally being the definition of a “teen heart-throb”?

-It was crazy! Mostly because I was an actual teen, playing a teen on TV , so it definitely helped my social life to say the least :-) -But it was all pretty wild, looking back; honestly, no complaints!!

Who has been your most memorable or personal favorite roll/character you’ve played?

-Oh wow, you know I’m not sure, anytime I’m working it’s fun for me and always memorable. I guess I can say now my favorite roll in LIFE is really just “father”!

Is acting still a passion of yours?

-It is, I still love to act, I still love to do a bunch of different creative things, hosting definitely has become my absolute though!

Overall, do you have any advice on longevity in Hollywood?

-I grew up singing, dancing, acting and hosting so I think anytime you can try to be as diverse as possible it definitely allows you to have more opportunities!

Is there anything that you would do differently in your journey?

-I mean there’s always things you think you could do differently, but when you look at it and realize that it all has lead to where you are today, I’d have to say probably not :-)

What have you learned most about life that you plan to impart onto your children?

-You know, at the end of the day you kind of just want to raise good kids right? So mainly politeness, good manners, I want them to see & travel the world. I hope to instill a strong work ethic, confidence and belief in themselves -all of those things.

Mario, describe you personal style for us?

-I would say kind of laid back, cool, a little more conservative with a bit of a Latin flavor for sure.

So many people associate you with great aesthetics! From working out to skin care, do you have any fitness and or grooming tips for some of our 26ers out there?

-Definitely make hygiene a priority lol! No real skin care regimen believe it or not, but I do enjoy boxing and jujitsu for fitness.

What’s Mario Lopez’ definition of luxury?

-Honestly, I’m easy going... room service and a movie is pretty luxurious to me. I like hanging out by a pool with music, maybe a cigar, I’m easy to please, I enjoy a good vacation or relaxing experience just like anyone else :-)

What advice would you give your 26 year old self?

-Wow, what a poignant question! I would love to go back with the knowledge that I have now. 20 years later [I can’t believe it!]. -I would say to stay focused and disciplined on what you want to do, because time does go by really fast and will catch up with you. -There’ll always be time for going out, having fun, partying. But definitely try to maximize your time while you’re young because you’re only young once. -That’s why they say that youth is wasted on the young lol, take advantage of it so you can enjoy [the fruits of it] when you’re 46.

What’s a pastime or hobby people would be surprised to know about you?

-Honestly with the onset of social media today, I don’t think there’s really anything left hidden or that would be surprising to fans out there. Between work, working out and being with my family that’s usually life for me :-)

What’s next for Mario Lopez?

-Well the most important thing is that we’re just excited about recently welcoming baby number 3 and being present in our growing family! :-)

Wardrobe: Kwame Waters

Grooming: Alaina Barbagiovanni

Photography: CYOER Photo

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