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At the core of us all is an intrigue into the things we cannot readily explain. As children we’re filled with availability, imaginations wide open to almost any possible reality. As adults, preoccupied with what author Don Miguel Ruiz [The 4 Agreements] calls “the dream of the planet”, we often lose touch with what may even be our own innate abilities to connect with [or at least understand] energies beyond the physical. Insert Tyler Henry, the now famed “Hollywood Medium” who has an awe inspiring gift of connecting worlds. For the past 3 seasons audiences around the globe have watched him use his gift to heal hearts and create closure for a plethora of famous faces and their families. It’s always refreshing when the delightful public persona matches the personal experience we have on set with our 26 Stars! Tyler Henry delightfully, did not disappoint! What you see on TV is exactly who you get in real life. Genuine, kind energy greeting you the moment you’re in his presence. “I've never worn anything like this before”, he exclaimed as we snuck him past his usual fashion limits, “but let’s do it!” Completely game for whatever aesthetic creations we’d concocted, we found ourselves ‘in the flow’ with the gifted soul and understood instantly why his show; connecting people both present and passed continues growing successfully season after season!

Sweater: Y3, Pant: Paisley & Gray, Shirt: Nordstrom's, Fanny Pack: Top Shop

This is your amazing 4th season of “Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium”! How has your life changed from then to now?

My life has changed in so many ways! When I was 19 and I got the call saying that I’d gotten season 1 of the show, I knew that life was going to change but I didn’t realize just how much! it’s all really still very surreal. Now when I go out to like the supermarket or just out in public, people come up to me and they want to connect with their loved ones. Navigating that of course has been a bit intense, but it’s all really been amazing! Just seeing the response from people over the years has been incredible.

That must be wild, people see you and surely everyone wants a reading?

Definitely. People almost immediately start telling me their stories, but I still find it incredible that they even want it.

Can you feel when people’s loved ones show up or just when someone is near that maybe wants to connect?

Sometimes, there are times when I can definitely feel people’s need for healing & the grief that they’re going through. But I always tell people, its a bit like doing therapy, it kind of requires a time and place. Just like you wouldn’t do therapy at a supermarket [smile] -a reading is such an intimate thing, it requires that time and that place. I usually tend to not go up to people spontaneously and just do readings also because you never know what mindset a person’s in & whether they’re in a space to handle the emotions that may surface with a reading.

We’d love to find out more about Tyler the person! Are you from LA originally?

Originally I was born in central California, in a small town “in the middle of nowhere” called Hanford, it’s a dairy community about 3 hours away from LA.

So you’re definitely west coast all the way then?

Yes [in that regard] the east coast gets interesting for me, I go to New York and it can get very overwhelming, SO much energy! :)

Alright so small dairy town California all the way to Hollywood! HOW did that happen?

Well it was a pretty gradual process. When I was 10 years old I had my first premonition where I realized I was different. I basically woke up one night and just knew that my grandmother was going to pass away. But it really took about 3 years after that for me to figure out what was going on and for me to start noticing it more frequently. By the time I was 16 I had to decide whether I was going to do it as a career or whether I was going to keep it a secret. At the time I’d just graduated high school early with the goal of becoming a hospice nurse, so I was in school and also doing readings on the side. Within a year, word of mouth spread so fast, I basically had to make the decision whether to stay in school or to do readings full time. Before I knew it I [organically] had celebrities contacting me for readings! I always felt like if you were legitimate you wouldn’t have to advertise [so I didn’t] and that first year in Sarah Paulson called me on the phone & asked for reading, she was my first celebrity client!

Suit: Paisley & Gray, Turtleneck: TopMan, Boot: Sak's 5th
Coat: TopMan, T-Shirt: TopMan,

Amazing! So tell us how did you go from your first celebrity client to landing your own show?

That was just kind of a natural evolution. There were a number of networks interested in doing a show. Initially I just wasn’t quite sure about the right format or the best way to execute it you know. But I have to say one of the things I love about readings with celebrities isn’t even the celebrity aspect; it’s the opportunities to connect to the fan bases, opening the eyes of people who might not be aware or familiar with the [medium] subject matter. For example I did a reading with Lil John & many of his followers and fans may’ve never even heard of what a medium even is. So to see him on the show having that experience, to me is most exciting getting to share all of this with so many different & new demographics.

So you’re 22 now Tyler, where do you see yourself by the time you’re 26?

You know I’m psychic but I can’t read my own futures [LOL]

I definitely hope to continue spreading this and doing readings. I also have a live show where I travel the country & do readings for audiences of a couple thousand. I have 1 book out, hopefully another book by then, who knows, lots of goals!

What can we expect from this 4th season?

So this season is very different from any of the other seasons, there’s a lot more ‘reality’. People will see how I deal with my ability in my day to day life in a way that’s less like ‘in the car, sit down, do the reading’ format like before. Everyone will see my live show on this new season, I read Rebel Wilson, Howie Mandell, Sofia Vergara and more, all of it is just kind of a different look. People will even see me doing readings randomly, like when I was in Atlanta & spontaneously ended up doing a reading at a drag bar with some amazing drag queens. Very different this season! :)

Amazing, so here’s our favorite question we like to ask all of our 26 Stars; the answer has sometimes been a thing, a place or even an experience. For us, luxury is a stare of mind, what is YOUR definition of luxury Tyler?

I think luxury is efficiency!

Oh that’s a new one! Can you elaborate on that for us?

I think there’s something luxurious about being able to do things quickly, to being able to live a life of efficiency, being proactive & productive!

That’s beautiful.

Check out the brand new 4th season of E!’s “Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium” airing now!

Corduroy Suit: TopMan, Pocket Square: 4Male Clothing, Shirt: Nordstrom's, Belt: Tommy Hilfiger, Boots: Cole Haan
Photography: Corey S. Guevarra for CYOER Photo Wardrobe: Kwame Waters Grooming: Reginald Raphael
Interview filmed by: Nick Zaglmayr
Interview edited by: 1026 Media

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