Cody Christian for our "Edge Of Winter's End" Cover!

How did acting show up in your life? -what inspired you? & What led you to Hollywood? Believe it or not, this whole journey in my life began from a radio commercial I heard while in the car with my mother in Franklin, Indiana. Maybe she was picking me up after school? I can’t recall exactly. But I remember hearing a commercial about an acting school offering classes and an open audition to come try out. As a kid, I always believed I could do anything I set my mind to, therefore I was always eager to try new things. I asked my mom if she would take me and she agreed, always excited to support any endeavor I chose. Long story short after that, I audition, got accepted, and started taking classes. That led to an opportunity in New York to compete among other schools in front of reps both on the east/west coast. A manager expressed interest and told us to connect with them if ever out in Los Angeles. The rest is all history. At 26 we talk an awful lot about the myriads of definitions of luxury. Often we find that they vary from person to person, sometimes it’s an item, other times an experience. What is your definition of luxury? I guess freedom. The freedom to wake up everyday and have the comfort/luxury to live my life as I intend to live it. Pursue passions and choose how to allocate my time rather than being forced to do something out of necessity. The epitome of luxury for me is living, not surviving. Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf etc., you’ve been on some pretty major fan favorite shows! What has been your favorite role to date? (& why?) My favorite experience on set has yet to debut. Last year I got the opportunity to portray a one-armed MMA fighter in a film entitled Notorious Nick. It was my first title lead in any project I’ve done to date. The experience showed me my strengths, forced me to grow as an artist, and reminded me how much I love what I’ve decided to pursue. The art of story telling is something I hold very dear to me and after this project, I was more rejuvenated and inspired than I’ve ever been. Cody, health is wealth, it appears that physical fitness pays off [really] well for you, do you have a specific workout regimen you can recommend for our 26 readers preparing their summer bodies this winter? Honestly? Just move. Everyday. Do something. I’m very fortunate to now have an amazing personal trainer I work with but more important than the regime is your mental state. You have to understand that the journey will be challenging and difficult at times. It’ll be easy to lose focus and that will to keep pushing yourself, but understanding why you started in the beginning is imperative. You’re there to learn, grow and challenge yourself to become a stronger version of you every time you train, and in that (for me at least) is so much excitement. What’s a favorite pastime or hidden talent of yours that your fans might be surprised to learn? I’m actually about to unveil said hidden talent very soon. I plan on releasing on music that I’ve been working on. I’ve always loved to write and rap and I’m finally in a place where I’m ready to share that with my fans and anyone else willing to listen.

Are there any causes near/dear to you that you advocate for? Any breast cancer organization. I’ve personally experienced this my mother so it definitely means a lot. What’s the one thing you just can’t live without? The creative process! I always want to be creating something. If I don’t have that, I feel like something’s off. Who is currently on rotation on your playlist? Man, so many artists. Always. But as of recently, J.Cole, Boogie, Joyner Lucas, and Nipsey Hussle. Are there any [legendary] actors who have inspired your career? Yes, again, so many. DiCaprio, Hardy, Norton, Cumberbatch, Denzel just to name a few.

Finally Cody, What’s a huge goal of yours by the time you turn 26 years old? Honestly? Just to continue being happy everyday. Being in a place where I can create art and inspire/be inspired. Also being in a place where I can take care of those near and dear to me, my family, my friends, my loved ones. That’s all I really want.

Photographer: Henry Wu @hello.henry

Direction: Abby Luz @coachabbyluz Wardrobe: Luke Funtecha @official_lukatonic + Serafini @serafini_official

Grooming: Jeannie Giannone @jeanniegiannone

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