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Take us through your journey, how did you get from Idaho to Hollywood?

I went to a performing arts school in Idaho where my drama teacher happened to have been a casting director in LA for about 30 years. She taught me intensively and then suggested I come to Los Angeles to pursue television and film full time. She set up a read with me and one of my first managers and I got signed. It was a few months before I booked my first project and experienced the snowball effect from there.

Is it true that you’d written and directed your first film by age 10? Tell us about that…

At the performing arts school I attended, we had a project to direct a short film on whatever we wanted. I chose to do a scary movie about a doll that killed people, subsequently.

If you HAD to pick one, which would you choose: acting, singing or content creation? & why?

I couldn’t pick between acting and singing. They’re two completely different forms of self-expression and I need them both very much. I love acting because I can get lost in pretty words and settings that talented writers create, where in music, I get to create that myself. I need and love them both.

We see that style and fashion are a part of your branded identity, right after our #26Man heart. Who are some of your favorite designers?

I love Versace, Gucci, Phillip Plein, Calvin Klein, and Burberry. Much to my team’s dismay, I get a lot of clothes vintage shopping, so half the time I have no idea who made them or when.

If you had to come up with a phrase to describe your look, what would you call it?

He’s trying.

Back to your acting; Can you tell us anything about the new Netflix project you recently wrapped?

I can tell you that it was the most informative experience I’ve had, and it made me feel really proud of myself. Being in Los Angeles for a few years and getting to do a project like Love is the biggest clap on the back. Paul Rust is one of my favorite writers and actors, and he came up to me on set and told me, we saw your tape, and we loved it. I still smile thinking about it.

Where do you see yourself by the time you’re 26?

I don’t know! Hopefully doing something I love, whatever that may be when I’m 26. I hope I am doing something to better the world around me, and I am happy. More specifically, I hope to continue to refine my craft in the arts and continue to release original works.

Are you involved in any advocacy work? If so, tell us about your cause…

I’ve collaborated with a few of charities! I’ve worked with Pencils of Promise to promote literacy in third world countries. I also work with a lot which is an organization that sits across many causes, mine specifically being all about being nice to the people around you, and standing up for what you feel is right. I’ve also worked with Boxed Water is Better to promote an ecological alternative to plastic bottles. The older I become, the more I become passionate about causes – so I’m excited to continue to use my voice for better.

What advice do you have for your young fans who want to follow in your footsteps?

Be secure with who you are. Los Angeles can do crazy things to people; so make sure you’re ready. Also, listen. Listen three-times more than you talk. There is so much to be learned, that even the best, most natural actors [and humans] will need taught. Go to classes, practice, be creative, and be unafraid. I think that I stand in my way a lot of the time because I’m scared of failing and it’s easier to not try than to be disappointed, don’t do that.

What has life been like literally growing up on social media as a social media star?

It’s been weird. I always loved connecting with people all over the world, so that has been such a blessing. I’ve met some of my favorite people online and I am really grateful for that. Sometimes the mean comments can get to you, and it’s hard to listen to the good things over the bad things. If anything above all, it’s made be a stronger person.

Who is your acting muse?

Leonardo Dicaprio. I remember watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape when I was younger and just being so wrapped up in it. I knew who he was obviously, and sometimes when I know of an actor really well before I watch their work, it’s hard for me to separate them from it, and I just see the actor instead of the character in the movie. When I watched that movie I was completely transported somewhere else. I was so wrapped up in it.

Who is your musical muse?

I love Fleetwood Mac and Lorde. They’re the two artists I could listen to on repeat and never get tired to. Lyrically, they’re both killer, but Fleetwood Mac incorporates this heavy nostalgic feeling in her songs that just melt you. Lorde is incredibly killer at melodies. She finds a way to make songs with references to phones and the internet like “A World Alone” feel timeless, like it could have been sung a hundred years ago, or it will still be sung in 100 years.

Would you ever release a full single or album?

Yes, it’s always been a dream of mine. Soon enough in the coming months, I have original music that will be released. I’m extremely excited – yet anxious – to see the world’s reaction.

Tell us what we should look out for next from Aidan Alexander…

Look out for my recent projects coming out this year. I’ve recently wrapped Baby Doll Records, a digital series that will live YouTube and Play by Play which will live on Verizon’s platform, go90, as well as Love on Netflix! As mentioned above, music will play a huge part in my year – I’m thrilled for the world to hear what has been many years in the works.

As Told To: Corey Guevarra
Photographed By: Adam J. Washington
Grooming & Styling: Kwame Waters
Los Angeles, CA

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