Where are you from, where did you grow up? I am from Los Angeles originally and also grew up here. When did you KNOW that acting was what you wanted to do? I knew I wanted to act when I was eleven. I was originally a professional dancer and then I started taking acting classes and I realized it was more for me. Why is diversity in Hollywood an important topic to you? Diversity in Hollywood is important to me because without diversity you are just hearing the same story over and over again. Diversity is a way to not only accept more cultures, races, nationalities, and genders but it also creates a way to speak from different experiences and show other people’s stories rather than producing a stereotype. The stories become more genuine and truthful. How do you hope to contribute to the conversation and overall change of that?

I hope to contribute to the conversation by creating films and performances that spark discussions among people about how we can change the hardships most people face. I also want to contribute to the change by inspiring younger generations to follow in not only my footsteps but in the footsteps of the people who were pioneers before me. Netflix’s Alexa & Katie recently released, tell us about that show and your character Ryan?

The show is about two girls who are best friends and one of them has cancer and the other shaves her head out of sympathy. It is a story about their lives navigating through high school with this very adult problem, but they can always find the happiness throughout their experiences. Tell us how you landed Disney’s Mech X-4... I landed Mech-X4 by a series of auditions. I ended up in a mix and match and Raymond and I were eventually paired together to do a scene. At the end of the scene we did some improvisation and came across as though we were real brothers and that ultimately booked us the job. What’s a number one goal you’d like to accomplish by the age of 26?

My number one goal to accomplish when I’m 26 is to have multiple feature films under my belt. Fill in these blanks for us:

The first thing I do when I wake up is: look at my phone to see what time it is.

I’m currently listening to: Frontin’ by Pharrel Williams on replay. If I wasn’t acting I’d likely be a: student in school for directing. The last film/television show I binge watched was: Dear White People.

The word luxury means or represents: Air Conditioning on a hot day to me.

Buying shoes makes me the happiest!

As told to: COREY GUEVARRA | Photography: LYDIA MURTY | Wardrobe:VERONICA GRAYE | Grooming:COURTNEY HART

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